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Lamp post / Street / Avenue / Light Pole Banners

Need a lamp post banner installed?


Not sure where to start?

Printed light pole banners are used by cities, towns, colleges, universities, and organizations to announce events and spread a consistent message to the masses. Crisp, clear printed banners make a memorable impression, seen by passing cars and pedestrians. Custom cut banners create an eye-catching display with graphics that practically jump off the pole.

Using the highest quality materials and careful attention to detail, Britten’s pole banners can withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays.

NYC Flag Repair can design , print , install and apply for permits.

Send us an email with more information about your project and we can help.

Typically the banners are 3′ x 8′ and they are double sided. The banner is attached to the light pole with brackets  that have fiber grass rods which goes into the sleeve of the banner.


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