Stamford Flag Repair is a full service flagpole sales , installation and repair company.

We also supply flags of all countries and states. We also make custom flags as well.

We install and service all types of flagpoles. We install in ground flagpoles , wall mounted flagpole and roof mounted flagpoles.

For in ground flagpoles they come in three different materials. Aluminum , steel and fiber glass. Nowadays every one uses Aluminum over steel because it will not rust and is lighter. Fiber glass poles we highly recommend against just because we have seen them fail where they snap in half. I personally have never seen an aluminum pole snap in half. They will fail by bending but thats a lot safer then snapping in half and potentially hurting some one.

Now there are also three different halyard (rope)  systems .

The most common and cheapest option would be the external halyard which means both ends of the rope are on the out side of the pole.

The second option which is a little bit more expensive is an internal halyard rope system where the rope is in side the pole one the flag is up.

The third system is a stainless steel cable system which uses a crank mechanism to raise and lower the flag. There is a crank handle that gets inserted into the side of the pole to raise and lower the flag.


Last thing to know about purchasing a flagpole would be the pole thickness. We don’t recommend getting anything under 5″ at the base. Also each pole diameter can come in different wall thicknesses. Typical is .125 wall thickness and next option up would be .156 , after that .188 and lastly .250 .


We install flagpoles in all parts of Connecticut. Feel free to give us a call to get a quote or send us an email to get a quote or if you have any other questions regarding flagpoles. 203-539-1319 is our phone number.


We also install lighting for flagpoles as well.

Rab Led Light Fixture.