Stamford Flagpole Installation & Repair

We specialize in flagpole foundation installations all across Connecticut.We work for home owners, contractors , property owners and more. 20 ft to 120 ft flag pole we can install any type of foundation for your flagpole project. We dig holes by had and using excavators. Flagpole foundation installations can be tricky . Why take a chance? Getting the job done right will result in the pole not tilting or the foundation cracking etc.
Call us for your next flagpole or flagpole foundation installation project 203-539-1319. Some flagpole contractors don’t get involved in the installation of the foundation.

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Flagpoles can be installed in ground , on the wall , we can also attach a flagpole to a roof of a building as well.Call us or send us an email if you need different mounting options. We like the roof top flagpole installation because its out of the way and it saves you money compared to putting a pole in the ground because now your don’t need as big of a pole.

Flagpole lighting: We recommend LED light fixtures and we suggest mounting the light fixture to a pole instead of mounting it near the ground.

Flagpole Climbing: Some flagpole are located in areas which can not be accessed by a truck or aerial lift so we have to climb the pole. We provide this service as well.


We service all parts of Connecticut. Full service flagpole company servicing all parts of Connecticut.We have 3 bucket trucks ready  to go when you need us.

We are also affiliated with NYC Flag Repair , Long Island Flagpole Repair and New Jersey Flag Repair .


We also weld aluminum. We repair parts for customers. NYC Aluminum Welding


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.