Connecticut Flagpole Repair

Full Service Flagpole Company In Connecticut

We are a full service flag pole company. We install and service all types of flagpoles. We also climb certain poles that can not be accessed by truck. Our bucket trucks are stocked with most of the parts needed to get the flagpole repaired on the first trip.We have (3) 42 ft bucket trucks ,and  we have (1) 90 ft boom truck.Our company is also MBE and DBE certified.

We service call parts of Connecticut. To get the process started we just need some information to be able to give you a fast and accurate quote.


When you give us a call for a service call we need to know

1)Height of flagpole

2)Material flagpole is made of (aluminum , fiber glass , steel)

3)Can we get a bucket truck next to the pole?

4)Does the flagpole use regular rope or stainless steel cable? Is the rope inside or outside of the pole?


Are you looking to install a new flag pole?

  1. Height
  2. Type ( steel , aluminum , fiberglass)
  3. Location of where it is going


We generally recommend atleast a 30′ pole. The higher the pole is the better chance of the actual flag flying. Steel poles are only used when the pole is 90 or more feet high. We don’t sell fiberglass flagpoles because in our opinion they are garbage. They can not be recycled like an aluminum pole and they use parts that are specially made just for their poles unlike aluminum flagpole parts which work anywhere.


We also supply flags and make custom flags as well.

Call us for all your flagpole needs. 203-539-1319

You can also email us


Why choose us?

  1. Experience – We have fixed it all.
  2. Quality – All our parts are heavy duty and made to last
  3. Speed and response time – We are usually out the next day to start a repair
  4. Large stock of parts – Our trucks are equipped with most common parts to get your job done faster and usually on the first trip.
  5. Safety – Our main concern is everyones safety and being able to complete the job with out any issues.


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