Stamford flagpole installation & repair is affiliated with , , and . Our goal is to provide cost efficient flagpole service in the tristate area.

Our trucks are stocked with most common flagpole parts so we can repair your flagpole on our first trip. We generally ask you send us an email with some information like :

How tall is the pole?

Can we drive our bucket truck near the pole ?

Is the pole aluminum , steel or fiber glass?

What is the problem with the flagpole?

Is the flagpole internal or external halyard (rope)?

You can give us a call ( 718-374-5175 )or send us an email @

We install all size inground flagpoles as well.

There are a few different options in rope systems for  flagpoles.

External halyard ROPE– Rope goes on the outside of the pole.

Internal halyard ROPE – Rope goes inside the pole. When the flag is up there will be no rope on the outside of the pole

Internal halyard STAINLESS STEEL CABLE – This uses a stainless steel cable to hold the flag up. To raise and lower the flag you would insert a crank handle into the pole and crank it up and down.


We are a supplier and installer of wood utility poles used for electrical service , telephone , communication etc. We use an auger truck to drill a hole in the ground with a digger derrick and then we can lift the pole and land it in the ground. To check out our wood utility pole page you can take a look at or .


Wood Utility poles are generally used for electrical service . Generally power companies require a wood pole to bring in electrical service to your property.


You can also take a look at our other website. We are part of Long Island Flag Repair , and New Jersey Flag Repair.


We also install flagpole lighting as well.